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Prostate Cancer

Artificial Urinary Sphincter



Thank you for your answer on Restoring Potency. I was hoping there was some help other than artificial help, as we here about specialists reattaching men`s penis and saving nerves from severed fingers etc. Could you let me know what is the latest/best procedure for an artificial urinary sphincter? Where is the best known hospital/specialist that performs this procedure with the best results? I have been told that this procedure is temporary and the sphincter has to be replaced every so many years? Also, due to the surgery of the prostatectomy, I have been told that they can no longer insert a cathader. Will they have to insert a cathadre and can they at least repair this at the same time that they insert a sphincter? Sorry to ask so many questions, but I am desparate and the doctors I see never seem to be able to give me straight answers. Thank you.


Artificial sphincters are well made today, and replacement with time is typically not necessary.  The procedure can be performed by a Board Certified urologist, and a listing of these physicians can be found in your local library or medical society.  Catheterization may be necessary with the surgery but it would be temporary.

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