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Orthodontic Disaster



I have just recently gotten out of Orthodontic treatmen. The Orthodontist originally put me in upper braces only because all I wanted done was to have the two teeth on either side of my two upper front teeth straightened and pulled down even with my two front teeth. (They had been down and straight until they started to get crooked and move up into my upper palate about 15 years ago). Everything else in my mouth was comfortable and I did not want any further orthodontic treatment. The Orthodontist had the 5th tooth on my upper left side extracted because it was crowded. After my 3rd adjustment the two teeth were straight and down even with the two front teeth and I asked to go out of braces at that time, but the Orthodontist said that he would have to move my teeth to fill the space created by the extraction. The teeth straightened and moved down great with upper braces only. However when he started to move my teeth horizontally to fill the space created by the extraction, instead of my upper teeth moving, my lower jaw moved completely over to the left...He then had to put me into lower braces to correct the cross bite. Since he had me in lower braces he decided to move my lower jaw forward to correct my over bite. The problem was that he did not have the cross bite completely corrected when he started to move my jaw forward, so the right side of my jaw moved down further than the left side, and now my chin is crooked as well as still having some cross-bite to the left. This has caused the right side of my jaw to click when I chew or move my jaw from side to side, and my bite is way off. I cannot put my upper and lower front teeth together (I think that is considered an open bite) in front. My question is this: Can you please tell me if it would be possible to go back into braces and have an Orthodontist use the elastics to finish correcting the cross bite, and then put the elastics around the upper and lower teeth on each side of my mouth in the form of boxes again and align my jaw so that my chin is straight again, If this is possible should that take care of my jaw problem? or is this a permanent situation that cannot be corrected by going back into Orthodontic treatment. If you think further Ortho treatment would help me, could you please give me the name of an Orthodontist in the Dallas or Longview , Texas area who might be experienced in severe cases like mine. Thanks for your help.


It is not possible for me to diagnose your problem even though you have given an excellent description of your current status. There would need to be a review of the original records as well as an oral examination. Your open bite and cross bite could be due to a number of factors. Since it sounds multifactoral I suggest you first try the Orthodontic Department at the Baylor University. It is located at 3302 Gaston Ave. Dallas, Texas. If they do not accept transfer patients, I feel confident that they could recommend someone in your area.

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Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS
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