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Dental Hygiene

Science Fair Help



Hello! I am a seventh grader doing a Science Fair project on WHICH TOOTHPASTE CLEANS THE BEST. I am unfourtanetley having some trouble. I need some searching tips or information on my "PURPOSE". If you could please e-mail me back with an answer or tips that would be great. Thank you very much. Your generosity is apperciated greatly! Thanks again for your time!


There is not a lot of information on "which toothpaste cleans the best."  "Clean" is not really the best word to search under.  You have to look under what the toothpaste does such as helps with gingivitis, prevents cavities or whitens teeth.  The bristles of the toothbrush are what actually clean the teeth.  I hope this helps!  If not, let me know!

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Michele P Carr, RDH,  MA Michele P Carr, RDH, MA
Associate Professor of Dental Hygiene
Associate Professor of HS Nursing Quality & Research
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University