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Lupus Drs



I have some of the symptoms for lupus - discoloration on face, fatigue, nasuea, vomiting, dizziness, confusion, memory loss and a few others... headache etc. My dr. has ordered blood tests but I am wondering if she has enough familiarity with these kind of symptoms. Where would I find out the specialites of local general practicioners? Or do they work that way? I would prefer to see a dr. that has seen Lupus or other immune system diseases than one that has not. Lastly, is the malar rash always red? My cheeks are very red but it is more brownish over my nose, forehead, upper lip and some on my chin. Very distinct edges though. Thank you.


You might want to get the result of the tests first and discuss your situation with your doctor. After that you have two options: ask your family doctor to refer you to a Rheumatologist close to your location or get in touch with the Arthritis Foundation to get names of specialists in your region. The Arthritis Foundation can also send you information on lupus and its clinical features. You can also get information from the lupus foundation.


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On the provider list of your medical insurance you can check if you are covered for those specialists and make an appointment.

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