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Dental Hygiene

Science Fair



Hello. I am doing a scince fair project on Which Toothpaste Removes Stains the best. I have all of my testing done and I have my lab report done also. I have e-mailed you previously. My experiment was done by hard-boiling 6 eggs, staining them in different liquids, and brushing them with 5 different toothpastes. I didn`t know what my control or "controlled variable would be. My question is ... What would be the controlled variable in my experiment? (I know what the variable is... the different toothpastes) Thank you very much for your time. Your generosity is appreciated greatly!


Your control would be brushing with just plain water.  Let me know how it goes!

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Michele P Carr, RDH,  MA Michele P Carr, RDH, MA
Associate Professor of Dental Hygiene
Associate Professor of HS Nursing Quality & Research
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University