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Elisa ANA screen



How do the values compare between an Elisa ANA screen (mine was positive at 2.24 Index with negative being <.9, and positive being >1.09) and an ANA screen done that is reported in a titer (mine was 1:1280 speckled at it`s highest)? I went for a second opinion and the ANA values are reported differently so I don`t really know how they compare other than they are both positive. I go back for follow-up in another 6 weeks. Thanks for you help!


ANA tests can be very confusing for patients and physicians. Trying to compare levels of antinuclear antibodies done with different methods is very difficult. The ELISA is usually used as a screen and if positive then we usually do the fluorescent test to obtain a titer. Your doctor has probably obtained other tests at this point to see if he/she can pinpoint the type of antinuclear antibodies that you are making which will be more helpful in deciding if the ANA test is a sign of a specific condition. Sorry I can't be more specific but these tests can vary a lot from lab to lab. Best of luck.

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Douglas Lienesch, MD
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati