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Can a wisdom tooth be moved?



I have a moler that had a large filling. It has broken. I have a wisdom tooth that is currently positioned below and behind the tooth. Can the broken tooth be pulled and Orthodontics used to move the wisdom tooth to replace it. The dentist dismissed this idea and stated that the wisdom tooth would have to be pulled so they could work on the tooth, but could not tell me if the broken tooth can even be saved? Has this ever been done?


It is difficult to give a best recommendation without benefit of radiographs (x-rays). It sounds as though your dentist feels the second molar, which is in the mouth, can successfully be repaired. If this is the situation then it is probably wise to restore the second molar. If the second molar tooth is not restorable, then consideration could be given to uprighting the third molar. If this is done, then space consolidation is another part of the picture which could be evaluated by the orthodontist. You may wonder if this has ever been done. The answer is yes, but it does involve orthodontics and time to properly place the tooth in the second molar position.

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Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS
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