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Asthma-Hypertension Medications



My uncle on Atenolol 100 since 1990. He had been asthamatic since 1979. His asthama is more or less allergic bronchitis.His bronchitis never manifested badly. He is also on Aspirin-150. Since 1991 to 2004, except sporadic allergic bronchitis manifestations, he did not have any problem. His doctor says now that atenolol and aspirin are contraindicated for asthamatic. My uncle`s lung functional test is normal. My uncle is techycardiac hence atenolol is a must for him. Doctor asked him to switch over deltiazem and clopidogrel 75. Is this alright ? My uncle is not comfortable with the new drug of deltiazem. My uncle is 45 years male with normal functions.


There have been concerns about using beta-blockers (atenolol) in asthma patients however recent studies have shown that they can be safely used in patients with asthma provided the benefits out way the risk.  It sounds like your uncle was doing well on the atenolol and not having any asthma difficulty.  Therefore, I don't believe it is necessary to change the medication.  Similarly, there is no contraindication for your uncle to take aspirin unless he demonstrates increased respiratory difficulties after taking aspirin and aspirin like medications. 


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