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Infectious Diseases

Acute osteomyelitis



I have psuedomonas in my left ankle, had 31/4 bar with 10 screws they have been removed, bone scraped,holes drilled out to help eliminate thee infection.The Dr. has not put me on antibiotics says he wants my body to fight it. My family Dr. says you can not fight it without antibiotics. Also from reading the report he says it is called Acute osteomylitis, May i have your input, it would be deeply appreciated.This has been going on since july 4 2004. Thank-You 


Such an infection in an ankle is quite complex and difficult to treat. Without specifics related to your individual case, it is difficult to assess the treatment. Since this has been a prolonged problem that does not seem to have resolved, perhaps a consultation from an Infectious Diseases Physician would be worthwhile as an adjunct to the current plan. At the least it could give you more comfort in the present course of action or recommend other modalities if needed.

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Gary   Roselle, MD Gary Roselle, MD
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