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Can HIV Go Undetected For One Year?



Hi. I was married to a man that hid his homosexuality from me. He apparently had countless "protected" sexual encounters, which continued during our 2 year marriage (until he confessed and we became separated). We were sexually involved from fall 1998 until June 2001. I got tested 3 or 4 times (every six months) starting in August 2001 and all the results were negative. I am just really worried that someday I am going to find out I have HIV. I was a virgin before we were married, but I did fool around with two other guys when I was a teen so that could be a risk too?

How long can HIV go undetected? Is it possible for me to get a positive result many years after my negative results? Are there other immune disorders that he could have exposed me too? (I don`t have any STD`s thankfully). I have asthma and sinus allergies (have had my whole life) so I tend to get colds, but after this happened a few years ago I tend to think it is from possible disease exposure. The doctor told me not to worry, but it just seems like it could go undetected. Thank you for your time and information. I really appreciate this service.


If you tested negative at 1 year after exposure to your husband  and if you are not involved in high risk behavior your chances of becoming infected are negligible. 

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