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Exercise and Fitness

Exercise for legs



I understand that that many things are hereditary and I`m sure that is part of the problem. I am relatively healthy, I exercise regularly, howerevr, my legs are depressing. Not only do I have celulite, but what really bothers me is the fact that I have larg "fat?" deposits on the inside by my knees. My legs do not have the firmness that I think they should by now. Are there any specific exercises I can do to thin that area and make my legs look like they are pulled back up. It almost looks like thay are sagging. just by looking at the general population, I know many women have this problem. Can you help us all? Thak You


Contrary to what many commercials suggest, there is no such thing as spot reduction.  Fat is lost throughout the body through energy expenditure in a pattern dependent upon genetics, hormones, and age.  Overall body fat must be reduced to lose fat in any particular area.

Some good exercises for the quadricep (thigh) muscles are squats, leg press, and leg extension.  When performed correctly and under proper supervision, 2-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions, these exercises should help you firm up your legs and reduce this "sagging".

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