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Infectious Diseases




my son went to the emergency room, his thumb had swollen severly and the docter made a incision on it and than wrapped it in bandages and was told not to remove the bandage to return to a doctor in 2-days. he is taken antibotics but has no money to return to a doctor. so the question is what do we do about the bandage.to change it or let it be open to dry out???


Hand injuries and hand infections are very serious and can easily lead to permanent disability.  The doctor wanted your son to be seen for two reasons: 1) to be sure that there were no tendon, nerve or blood vessel injuries that were not recognized at the initial visit; and 2) to be sure that no infection had set in. 


I would strongly recommend that he be seen by a doctor.

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Peter T Frame, MD Peter T Frame, MD
Emeritus Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati