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Athletic Training

Numbing of toe



I am training for a 60 mile walk this fall and so far have been doing fine. I am able to keep a very quick gait and get through my training walks in adequate time; however, I am noticing a numbness in my toe when I walk (right foot, second toe from the right). At first I thought that my shoes may be affecting my toes so I have now been through three pair of shoes (all of which I have been wearing comfortably for quite a while now). But more recently I have noticed that when I wear heels at work and walk around a lot, I get the numbing feeling in my toe again. Is there a possible cause to this? I have checked the sizing of my shoes, the tightness, etc... and everything seems fine. If left untreated, is there any potential problems that could arise?


You may be developing a common injury which occurs in distance athletes known as a neuroma.  This condition is often associated with numbness and tingling in that area. The first step is always to try different shoe wear. Since that did not solve the problem, I would contact your physician in order to begin a treatment plan and have the foot examined.  He will probably look at all of the soft tissue and determine the cause of your injury.

If left untreated, this problem could worsen or start to bother you on a more regular basis. I would suggest discussing the condition with your physician as soon as possible.

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