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Life Line Screening



I have received a flier from Life Line Screening and I would like to know if their tests are reliable. I have visited their website and they look legitimate but I`d like to know if scheduling one of their screenings is a rip off. Their website is www.liflinescreening.com Thank you,


Below is a cut and paste FAQ from the Life Line Screening website.  As the FAQ suggests, a "positive" carotid ultrasound test in a person who has not had a stroke or transient ischemic attack is not always useful information.  There are some asymptomatic people who would benefit from this ultrasound testing but for many this would not be a good use of their money--your doctor would not change your management regardless of the result, so why spend your money.  I would advise that you not obtain such testing without first discussing it with your doctor, who knows your entire medical history, and thus can tell you if the testing would be useful or not.  I hope this helps.


"Q.  If I have an abnormal result for the stroke/carotid artery screening, does this mean I will need surgery?
A.  No.  An abnormal finding for this study means that a problem exists that your physician needs to know about in order to conduct further diagnostic testing.  You may need to have medication to control risk factors , make lifestyle changes and be followed up yearly.  If the disease is advanced enough, your physician may refer you to a vascular surgeon."

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Brett   Kissela, MD Brett Kissela, MD
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