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Exercise and Fitness

Abnormal right side of body



hello., iam 22 yrs ,female, student...i was havin fat thighs so had used a electronic muscle stimulator ..i used much of tht on my right hip and inner thighs since they looked fatter than the left part after first use....but then i dint use it for a month ....had some bulge on the rght hip and thigh... (my right hip and thigh looked more bulgy ) had a fall recently on stairs and got hurt on hip and thigh joint ...the rght side itself....now my bulgy thing is more and even hav a bent spine(towards right) in xray....therefore even my right breast has lost its firmness....looks small and shrinked..when i sleep iam not comfortable on rght side.... i feel as if the rght ribs are protruded...i dont hav a correct posture when i sit or sleep... i had consulted the local doctor ..he said it is muscular spasm....took medicines but dint feel any change... i need to know wat is the abnormality... CAN MUCH USE OF ELECTRONIC MUSCLE STIMULATOR ON RGHT SIDE HAV CAUSED ALL THESE PROBLEMS?HOW DO I REDUCE THE ONLY RGHT THIGH BULGING?i even feel twisted walk(ankle).....as if my bone has shifted when i fell and thts y the shape of the hip and thigh region is abnormal.... CAN THIS BE CURED AND CAN I GET THE PERFECT FIGURE BACK.... PLZ MAIL ME THE REPLY


Maintaining muscular balance is very important.  When starting a training routine, select similar number of exercises and sets to opposing muscle groups (i.e., abdominal & lower back, hamstrings & quadriceps, biceps & triceps, etc.).  The risk of joint injury and altered posture can be increased when greater training volume is performed on one muscle and not on the opposite muscle.

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