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Pre-Operative Screening process



We are looking to develop a preoperative screening process wherein patients can complete a screening questionnaire one of several ways:


  1. Kiosk at facility
  2. Web
  3. Telephone prompter

This information would then go through an algorithm. Depending on the answers, the system would suggest they simply come in the day of surgery or forward them to/encourage them to call a clinician who would get additional information and advise them accordingly.

We tried the program on Net Wellness and it was really quite close to what we had in mind. I was wondering if there were other systems you could recommend that would help us achieve more of our goals or, if you felt that we might best be served by working with the developers of the system on Net Wellness, who we might contact to discuss this further.


Pre-Screening can be a very useful exercise for the patient and the health professional. Before the event, the patient can provide important data at their convenience and on their schedule. Using the right tools, there can also be an opportunity to provide educational information to the patient, allowing them to become informed about why the questions are being asked and what the complications can be. The health professional also benefits by getting important health-related patient information beforehand.

NetWellness provides, in the toolkit for our Experts, a modest survey/interview management tool that allows web-based creation and modication of a questionaire, the ability to host that questionaire via the web to visitors to NetWellness, and simple lists and summary statistics for the results. An excellent example of this is the Pre-Anesthesia interview created by Dr Kantor (Details from a Poster session presented at the 13th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists, Paris, France.)

You have apparently tested this tool and recognize it's advantages and identified one of it's weaknesses.  There is little post-survey data analysis available.

The AIT&L department at the University of Cincinnati (one of NetWellness' institutional organizations) supports the Medical Campus here at UC.  They have similar web-based tools, such as a Forms based evaluation tool and a Course Exam tool which performs grading.  The latter tool probably comes closest to your desire for post-interview algorithmic analysis. The course exam tool unfortunately only does simple grading (did they get the answer correct or not).

The short anwer is I am unaware of tools available to NetWellness that can do this type of analysis.

Perhaps, as an alternative, you could extract the data from the web-based gathering tool you utilize and feed it to the same tool used to process the telephone prompter data.

I suspect that this delayed analysis is not the desired process; rather, you probably want the web-based tool to do an immediate analysis and provide specific web-delivered instruction or information to the patient. Since that is survey-specific, it would be difficult to construct a generic NetWellness tool that could meet the individual needs of each survey.

That said, NetWellness is interested in this type of Consumer Health Information project. It might be worthwhile to consider developing an add-on piece that could process the data according to your algortihm. The data is stored electronically and available for analysis.  It's waiting for an analysis tool.

Thanks for your question!

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