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Infectious Diseases

RE: Asymptomatic chlamydia in males



Can you please tell me how long asymptomatic chlamydia can remain in a male before being detected? For example, can it be present for many years with no symptpms being present. As well, if a male has asymptomatic chlamydia and has unprotected intercourse with a female partner and she becomes pregnant, would the asymptomatic chlamydia not be detected during prental testing to ensure there is no transmission of the chlamydia to the unborn child? Is it possible for a male with asymptomatic chlamydia to be a carrier of the disease for over 6 years with no symptoms and for his female partner to also show no signs or symptoms given the fact they had continuous unprotected sex? Thank you for your time and help with my questions.


There are many questions here. Chlamydia can be asymtomatic, particularly in women, less so in men. It can remain asymptomatic in women for long periods, again, less so in men. Prenatal diagnosis can be made during prenatal care, and this issue should be discussed with the prenaatal care giver since that is the person who is best able deal with the specific care of the individual patient.

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