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Skin Care and Diseases

Fungus meds conflicting with high BP meds



My husband has extreme toenail fungus on all of his toes. They are all thick, and very yellow. He consulted a physician about it a couple of years ago, and the doctor said he can`t take the medicine appropriate to treat the toenail fungus without it interfering with his other medicine (that he is currently taking) which controls high blood pressure, and the other medicine which controls blood sugar (sugar diabetes- type II), my husband refuses to go back to the doctor a second time and is convinced there is nothing they can do. Has there been any change in the fungus treatment for toenails? Or is there something we can do besides the meds that interfere with his current meds? Thanks.


I would suggest that a careful review of his medications and interaction with Lamisil tablets be looked at carefully.  Of the antifungal drugs that is the least interactive and one does have to proceed very specifically to see if any of his therapeutic medications would interact with that drug.

Having said that, you might use topical antifungals in an effort to minimize progression of the fungus and possibly control it.  Approximately half of the patients that I treat topically with antifungals get some improvement with decreased crumbling of the nails and improvement of the skin around the nails on the feet.  I am sure your board certified dermatologist can give you the list of several drugs that might be useful topically.  Any of these fine medications would help control the process.  It is likely that it will not totally cure it, but at least will bring it under control.

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati