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Skin Care and Diseases

Skin color



Hi i`m a 21 Black Male when i was younger from 12 down i was brown skin, for some reason when i got older i guess its due to sun exposure, pool which i didnt go to that much, but for some reason each and every day,month,year i got darker and darker and darker I got so dark i got darker then the Actor: Tyrese from the Movie "Babyboy" When i was younger i was a lady`s man due to my skin getting darker and darker each year i was anymore, Eachtime i go outside people like had to make comment on my complexion, calling me "Blackass" excuse my language i barely curse though just describing, they would say i`m crispy, i blend in with the dark, i mean eachtime i get in an arguement with someone they used that against me when i get home from school or work or whereever i was, i would cry and wish i was dead, i was soooo depress i wished i was dead that`s the only thing i didnt like about myself was my very dark complexion, even my stepmom would make comment on my skin complexion, and when i told my dad he didnt do anything at all,so when i was about 16 i started using bleaching creams to lighten like before i used "Topgel plus and Dermovate " Together wish i read from a lightening forum i got soo light wish i didnt intended i got use to it and how much attention i got that i kept on, people would call me Michael Jackson saying i want to be White, as you can tell it wasnt my intention i just wanted to be brown again, this one time i used it i got really dark and when i went into the sun i got really really dark if only i would have stopped then but i didnt then i stop using it because i heard of what it does to the skin, so i started using "Gillette Complete Skincare Cleansing Bar, Fragrance Free 4.4 oz (125 g)" it made my complexion really really nice but it only last like 5 days at a time,after it fades my complexion look really bad when i go into the sun i didnt get dark or even when i went into the swimming pool i didnt get darker i wish i can get dark like i use to be is there anything i can use that would produce faster and more melanie in my face(skin) so i can be dark again the reason why i want to be dark again because i can handle it now the comments and everything because my personality is much much stronger now i dont take things to the heart like i use too, and because i dont want to have to worry about my complexion changing looking good today and bad tomorrow, Please help me, PLEASE I WANT TO LIVE A NORMAL COMPLEXION FREE LIKE AGAIN I WANT TO BE REALLY DARK AGAIN I"M LIKE MEDIUM BrowN NOW, I try tanning that didnt work, i used tanning lotion that didnt work, Half Baked Fiesta Sun is there anything you can prescribe for me to use, can you please research something that would make me darker again, please I JUST WANT TO BE NORMAL. I DONT HAVE A health Insurance since i`m 21 and i`m going to College in the Fall, i wish and HOPE TO GOD i cAN FIX THIS PROBLEM BEFORE COLLEGE SO I CAN GO EVERYDAY SO I DONT HAVE TO SKIP SOMEDAY BECAUSE OF MY COMPLEXION.


There are a number of issues that you bring up about the variation in your skin color.  You very clearly need to see a board certified dermatologist that specializes in pigmentary disorders so that each and every element of the skin color problem can be analyzed accurately and scientifically.  Your board certified dermatologist can give you the names of individuals who might be of assistance to you, although they do charge fees.  A university hospital dermatology program might have some individuals who could help.  In any event, you need to see a board certified dermatologist and share all of the elements of your skin color changes with that individual. 

You might check the web site of the National Institutes of Health and use the section on dermatology as a resource for finding experimental activities that might be used to help you. 

Your problem is a difficult one.  Good luck!

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati