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Complementary Medicine

Herbs for Fertility



I asked the infertility experts this question, but it was never answered. Are there any herbal preparation that can make you "more" fertile? I am 38 and wish to have another child.


While these are the commonly suggested there is not a large body of evidence supporting these.

Causes of fertility problems are complex and vary from woman to woman as well as from couple to couple. However, many women have used the help of certain herbs to establish pregnancy with very good results and without the side effects often associated with fertility drugs.

A basic approach to use with fertility herbs is to focus on the following:

~ Useful Fertility Herbs ~

Red Clover Blossoms - Susun Weed lists this as the single most useful herb in establishing fertility. This herb's high vitamin content is very valuable to the uterus and it's high protein content benefits the whole body. It's also quite high in calcium & magnesium which relax the nervous system and help promote fertility. This herb also contains nearly every trace mineral needed by the glands. Daily use can help balance hormonal functioning.

Drink 1 or more cups of infusion daily for several months.

If you can't gather your own clover flowers, you can buy the dried blossoms by the pound from a reputable source and add to your daily infusions.

Nettle Leaves - This herb is very nourishing to the whole system, specifically the adrenals and kidneys. It's also a helpful uterine tonic. The high chlorophyll and mineral content are good for the hormonal system.

Drink 1 or more cups of infusion daily for several months.

Raspberry Leaf - This is probably the most popular of all fertility herbs. It is a well known uterine tonic and is also quite high in calcium. It's fertility promoting effects are most useful when combined with Red Clover.

Dong Quai - This herb is traditionally valued as a very effective fertility promoter. For best results, herbalists suggest using this herb in tincture form during the days between ovulation and menstruation only. Use this herb in only in combination with other fertility herbs.

False Unicorn Root - This herb is a uterine tonic which also helps to alkalinize the ovaries, bladder and kidneys. 5-15 drops of the tincture per day is the standard dosage.

Damiana - This herb has been used traditionally for toning the nervous system, balancing hormones and increasing sex drive. It needs to be used consistently over several weeks. You can buy he bulk dried herb and make capsules.

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Glen F Aukerman, MD, DABFP Glen F Aukerman, MD, DABFP
Professor of Family Medicine
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University