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Face and Jaw Surgery

Underbite priviouse



Hello,I am a 30 woman,single from Iran ,I had underbite theeth,at the age of 22 I did Orthodonsy and it lasted to 4 years,Now It is normal as my doctor said,but when I smile or talk still I think I need to make my lower jaw and dental go more back,also it will be good if I smile,I want to know If I do a jaw surgery,Will be ok and will my theeth go back along with my jaw,Also I want to do a nose surgery,can I do them together?In addition I will be so thankfull if guide me in this case for knowing more about surgery,and after that,if I want to get married ,wont be any problem?and how long doeas it take to recover.Thanks a lot,wait for reply.


Sometimes depending of the occlusal/facial growth discrepancy, a patient can undergo orthodontic (braces) treatment alone, or a combination of orthodontics and surgery. The only way to determine if you would benefit from surgery at this point would be if you undergo a complete re-evaluation.

Yes, nose surgery can be performed at the same time as jaw surgery; however, not all oral and maxillofacial surgeons perform this last procedure. It would be a good idea for you to ask the surgeon you visit if he/she performs rhinoplasties or if you can get the name of somebody who does.

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