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Infectious Diseases

Will i ever know?



In May of 2004 received oral sex from someone who has a history of cold sores. no sores present during this episode. a few weeks later starting having some burning in penile area. NO SORES OR LESIONS EVER. had a type specific blood test done a couple of weeks. type 1 pos. type 2 neg. igm low positive. waited three months had exact same results with both igm and igg. at 6 months had another test done for ty. 2 only and still negative. it seems as if this extremely mild burning will not totally go away. during the first 2 tests i had a recurrent ear outbreak that i have gotten about once a year for last 20 years. ear will burn and tingle then blister ooze and scab after 7-10 days. have not gotten ear tested and it has not returned. so at this point i have no idea i am lost and confused as to what is going on. any insight would be greatly appreciated - i am just trying to figure out what is going on and sort my life out. please help. thank you.


I take that the results that you are talking about relate to Herpes simplex type 1 and 2. While Herpes simplex infection can be asymptomatic, your lab results would suggest that you may not have had a recent infection. Moreover, your ear complaints are likely not related to the mild discomfort with urination.  With the information that you provided, I would say that there is not much reason to worry about Herpes. You may consider trying not to pay much attention to the extremely mild burning sensation that you refer to. I would suggest seeing a physician if you notice new complaints.

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