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Obesity and Weight Management

Weightloss after a thyroidectomy



I had my thyroid removed after the finding of cancer in a nodule, it was caught early so I did not have to go through the radioactive iodine treatment. My doctor has my on synthroid and all my levels are where they should be. My problem is my weight continues to creep up in spite of regular exercise and a healthy diet. I`m now 10 pounds heavier, the surgery was 5 months ago. How do I rev up my metabolism when I don`t have a thyroid? I`m open to any and all suggestions short of buying a new wardrobe! Thanks!


You don't say what type of exercise you are doing, but strength training may be your answer. If you strength train regularly, you will add lean muscle to your body. One source I looked at suggested that every pound of muscle on your body takes up to 50 calories a day to maintain. A pound of fat only requires 2 calories a day to sustain it. I've generally used a 'rule of thumb' figure of a pound of muscle takes twice as many calories to maintain as a pound of fat. Either way, the more muscle you have the greater your metabolism, even when you are sleeping.

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