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I have posted before and I still am having trouble dealing with possible symptoms. Background single man that had unprotected sex with married woman. Read a lot of posts and forums about herpes symptoms. Been to my GP 5 times and a Urologist 2 times and they come up with stress, because I have no lesions or blisters. Other posts I have read claim that no herpectic lesions should be a good sign considering I have had leg pain, numbness in my legs, mild scrotum pain, redness on my scrotum with occasional itching, and buttocks pain starting all about week5 or 6. Tested early week 2 for everything under the sun and all negative. Herpes I waited till week 6 Western blot Univ of Wash and retested at week 7 from a GP test that went to Mayo clinic. All Negative. Brings us to recent events. Week 7 got all tests back as indicated above and still have slight redness on scrotum and occasional itching in the groin and on my scrotum. I still have numbness and tingling in my leg and buttock, hip and knee joint pain all on my right side. Ocassionally, just like a mild burning sensation in my thighs. Had a inner thigh pain on the left side for about 10 days. And recently between week 7-8 I had a acne breakout Im sure because of stress. However, on my buttocks near the buttocks crack I had 4 red pimples that appeared with a slight rash. Pimples first, they did not hurt and for the most part went away in 3 days.just slightly red like a pin dot after day 5. The rash is still there, however it is not red at all it looks like goosebups that didn’t go away. And they are at the top top my butt cheeks right above where I might sit on my butt. The rash on the left upper cheek is about 3 by 4 inches and the one on the right is slightly smaller. 1. Any thoughts on the rash and pimples? 2. Testing should be a good sign considering 90% accuracy after this time frame, however I kept reading post from people that were diagnosed with HSV2 and they claim as well as the doctor on the herpes forum that leg and buttocks pain, numbness, and tingling are a good sign of herpes, lesions or no lesions. Is that correct?? 3. Western blot week 6 negative from a accurate test right? Mayo test week 7 HSV1 Igg-neg/ HSV2 Igg-neg/ and HSV Igm- neg from somewhat accurate test? Should I be worrying at all????? Considering neg at week 6 and 7? And your answer to question 1.


It seems you have been tested for herpes genitalis and the tests are negative. The rash/pimples could be folliculitis secondary to infection of the hair follicles. You may want to see a dermatologist to see if you could get an antibiotic prescription for your symptoms. 

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