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Coughing wih blood II



Follow up question: Since I don`t cough, don`t have fever, I am strong, I eat a lot, I am active and feeling well. Am i needed to be quarantined? Is this mean that the TB Bacteria is not that strong? Is this mean that the TB Bacteria is not spreading fast? I need to know because this really bothering me, I am really afraid.


The TB bacteria affects different individuals in various ways depending on both the bacterial and individual characteristics.  It is not possible to readily determine how ‘strong’ the bacteria is from how it affects a given person.  Nevertheless, the treatment drugs available will effectively kill the bacteria regardless of how they are affecting you.  Don’t be afraid, just follow your doctor’s instructions and take your medications as prescribed and your treatment will likely be very successful.

This document was prepared by Allan B. Chiunda, MPH, PhD student in Health Policy, Case Western Resereve University.

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Catherine A Curley, MD, MS Catherine A Curley, MD, MS
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