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Urinary Tract Cancers

Irritation and feeling need to urinate after



after sex, my husband says he feels irritated (inside)and a need to urinate more often. we have been together 16 yrs. except for a short split a few months ago. i have had a clean pap, recently. no symptoms of anything. he claims that when we didn`t have sex he didn`t notice the symptoms but was diagnosed with a bladder infection,(bacteria in his urine)a few months ago. he took anitibiotics and it was gone. now we are back together, and he says the symptoms are back also he claims he notice an order after we have sex. i don`t. he has been diagnosed with a swollen prostate in the last few months but didn`t follow up with testing. although any sexual (std`s) have been ruled out.what could cause him to have symptoms just after we have sexual contact? he claims that while we were separated he had another sexual partner and he didn`t notice the symptoms after that encounter. so is it just something with me. i am worried.please help me out here. the irritation he complains about is not on the outside. he claims it is on the inside. he has no problems conerning erection or ejaculation. please help us.


It is difficult to say specifically what the problem is but it may be a mild infection of the urethrae (tube in the penis in which the urine passes).  This does not have to be an STD and the sequence of his symptoms may be coincidental to when you and he got back together.

I suggest he see a physician who can examine him and also possibly treat him with an antibiotic.  Urologists specialize in this area but primary care physicians should be able to assist him as well.


I hope this information is helpful to you,.

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Martin I Resnick, MD Martin I Resnick, MD
Formerly, Professor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University