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Gum Diseases

White gums



My husband has developed 2 white areas on his upper gums in the last six months. His dentist is sending him to an oral surgeon for an opinion. They are simply colorless areas above two of his teeth. What do you think this is?


It is very hard for me to give a diagnosis just by reading your observation. White spots with no signs of pain can be related to several things.  Generally we look to see whether they are symmetrical or not (being present at both sites of the mouth), we look where they are located compared to the gum line, root length etc.  We evaluate periodontal health, we try to figure out whether they are related to heavy smoking, etc. And generally we prefer to biopsy them and send them to a pathology lab to find out what type of cells we have.  Probably an oral surgeon will follow a similar approach.

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Binnaz   Leblebicioglu, DDS, MS, PhD Binnaz Leblebicioglu, DDS, MS, PhD
Associate Professor of Periodontology
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University