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Parkinson's Disease

Parkison`s Disease



what are some previtions for parkisons disease?


If this question is regarding prevention of Parkinson's disease, unfortunately currently there are no ways to prevent the development of PD that we know of.  Parkinson's disease is an idiopathic neuodegenerative process.  This means currently the cause is not known.  Without knowing for sure what causes the disease, it is virtually impossible to prevent it. 

There are certain occupations and environmental factors that are considered POSSIBLE risk factors.  It also seems there are more of these being considered all of the time.  Some of the more suspicious risk factors include: pesticide exposure, heavy metal exposure, long-term well water, rural living and the occupations of Farming, Medical profession and Teaching.  To what degree these things actually play a role has not been determined.  Additionally, genetics likely contribute also, but a specific gene or genes for the most common form of PD has not yet been identified. 

A couple of factors that have been identified as being POTENTIALLY protective (reverse risk factors) of PD thus far include smoking and perhaps caffeine. However, again, how strong this correlation is remains undetermined.  Additionally, smoking remains a significant risk factor for the development of many other diseases.  

Overall, prevention cannot really be determined unless the cause is found. 

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