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Skin Care and Diseases

White patches on back



My husband is 40. At 19 he started getting whit painless spotches on his back. It makes him ashamed to go swimming. At one time long ago he went to dr. who said it may be like a tropical rash-and gave an ointment. He doesn`t want to go back to dr. Is there somethiong over the counter he could try?


It is difficult to know precisely what is happening.  I know nothing of the history of your husband's family, the real form of the lesions, treatments that have gone before, cutaneous skin biopsies, medications, etc.  I think it would be inappropriate for me to offer a differential diagnosis such as in this case without having seen the patient and performed a skin biopsy.  It is therefore important that you see your board certified dermatologist so that a more accurate evaluation can be carried out with skin biopsies performed and a systemic evaluation carried out if needed.  After the evaluation a more specific treatment can be initiated.

Good luck!

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati