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Breast Feeding

Baby crying while feeding



Hello, I have a 3month old. He gets fussy at almost every feed. I breast fed him for 2 months and while breasfeeding since I didnot have enough milk I supplemented with formula. I used Enfamil Lipil with Iron. Now I weaned it and he is 100% on Enfamil formula. He cries and becomes fussy while drinking milk. During every feed I put him to sleep and then only I can feed him. He used to pass gas very often when he was born. Even now he passes gas but not as often as he used to when he was 1 month old. He also developed some rash in his neck and under his arms. His pediatrician said that it is yeast infection. I wonder sometimes if he is lactose intolerent. But I don`t want him to have lactose free formula. First of all is he lactose intolerent? He is gaining weight just fine. He is 31/2 months now and he weighs 14 1/2 pounds. He is gaining weight just fine. About 2 pounds every month. Please advice. Thanks in advance for your help.


To have these symptoms properly evaluated, you will need to see your child's health professional.  Keep a log for at least 24 hours of feeding pattern (time amount and type of feeding) , time and number of bowel movements, and times of sleep.  If he has fussy periods note those and how you were able to comfort him during that time.

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