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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

I am a 17 years old (erection problems)



hey.. i am a 17 years old guy and I have been experiencing erection problems for almost two months now.. i used to have a girlfriend in miami and I moved to venezuela six months ago.. 2 months after i moved i had sexual relationships with a girl and experience no problem at all.. currently i have been trying to have sexual relationships with another girl but i am having troubles keeping an erection. i only get one while she touches my genitals but it doesnt last long enough for my to put on a condon...this is driving me insane i feel impotent. i also have no troubles masturbating at all and experience some random erections trought the day.. now i am planning to have go visit my exgirlfriend in miami and i am afraid i have some problems with my erection with her (since when we had sex before everything was perfect) what can i do please help me...


Your problem sounds like it is mostly psychological.  You need to see a psychologist for a brief course of therapy.  You ultimately may need to see a urologist for testing and possibly therapy as well.  Things should get better with the proper help.

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Allen D Seftel, MD Allen D Seftel, MD
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