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Breast Feeding

Pumping breastmilk



Is there any difference between pumping the milk and the baby latching on besides convinience?

My baby does not have the patience to latch on all she does is cry and get frustrated. Is there any way to overcome this? I am giving breastmilk and formula, I give breast milk first if pumped and then if there is not enough I will give the remainder in formula.

Is there any combination of breastmilk and formula that I should implement?


Breast milk that is pumped frequently does not include the hind milk. Hindmilk is the breast milk that is highest in fat. The foremilk or the first milk that leaves the breast at each feeding has very little fat for the amount of milk. The amount of fat progressively increases as the feeding progresses. An electric breast pump is good at removing milk, but it does not able to completely empty the breast as baby can do.

It is hard to give suggestions on nursing when I am not able to observe your baby attempting to nurse. I would suggest that you contact you local hospital or health care provider for the name a local lactation consultant. They will be best able to help you with your bay's latching on.

To determine if your baby need supplementation you should discuss that with your child health care provider

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Donna   Dowling, PhD,RN Donna Dowling, PhD,RN
Associate Professor of Nursing
Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
Case Western Reserve University