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Skin Care and Diseases

symetrical square rash with circle inside



I read the artical "Square shaped rash on chest 06/05/2005 06:34PM" & it`s answer. Mine is on my side above the waist. It started out by itching. This has been itching on & off for about 3-4 weeks. Today is the first time I have actually seen a sign of anything and it was the square with the circle in the inside of the square. My clothing is loose, no belts, or jewerly at that location. Today I did notice my sweater had a tag at that location. I`m thinking that`s what agravated it to the point that I could actually see something. But few if any other articles of my clothing have a tag in that exact location. Same recommendation - Dermatologist? Or is my regular GP able to assist? Any other causes? A hydro cortizone cream? Thank you


On your description I still don't have a very good idea beyond contact for your problem.  It really is important that you see a well trained dermatologist while the lesions are active so that a good clinical assessment can be performed and if necessary a biopsy of the lesion that might be informative and help us with the diagnosis.  I would not, I repeat, I would not use hydrocortisone cream until the correct diagnosis is established.


Good Luck!

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati