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Skin Care and Diseases

skin disoder



i wish to know more about 2 kinds of skin diseases name LIPOMA and VAN RECLINGHAEUSING. or other name which is similar. my boyfriend`s mom have sythoms of these disease. some of his siblings have it too. i`m worry whether this will happen to our child next time


The finding in your boyfriend's family of neurofibromatosis of VanReclinghaeusing is of some concern.  This clearly has a genetic pattern.  Extensive lipomatosis may be associated with several syndromes some of which are genetically controlled.  It would be my concern for you and your boyfriend to seek out the counsel of a human geneticist.  Most large children's hospitals have very well trained individuals on their staff who can counsel you, review the family histories and indicate to you what the genetic pattern is for this particular group of diseases. 

You may wish to read a medical textbook whose publication date is within the last ten years.  Some of those articles may be a bit misleading and not totally applicable to the case at hand.  Please seek the advice of a medical geneticist so that you can truly understand what the genetic implications may be.

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati