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Asthma and ADHD



Can ADHD kids have asthma?If so how can they get it? If you have any questions for me just ask me in your answer.If kids have asthma is it easy for them to get ADHD?


Certainly kids with asthma can have ADHD and ADHD kids have asthma.  However, to my knowledge there is no cause and effect link between these two conditions.  We don't understand the cause of asthma currently.  Allergic individuals can become sensitized to allergens (ie., pollen, cat...) and with continuous or re-exposure to allergens develop asthma.  However, non-allergic individuals can also develop asthma such as after a viral infection or with exercise and cold air.  I would see an allergy specialist for further evaluation if you suspect your child has asthma.

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Jonathan   Bernstein, MD Jonathan Bernstein, MD
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