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Athletic Training

Is it possible to have pinched a hip nerve?



is it possible to have pinched a nerve in my hip after it fractured 5 years ago because it fractured right around my hip joint on my left side so if you can answer this i await your answer. thank you


While it is theoretically possible to pinch (entrap) a nerve in a fracture site, it is pretty unlikely that this is your problem.  If you had, you would most likely have lost all function of that nerve long ago and it would have most likely produced symptoms that would have been pretty obvious within a few weeks of the injury.

If you are having neurological symptoms around your hip or leg, you should see your physician.  Common neurological symptoms are things like abnormal sensations (burning, itching, numbness, tingling, etc.), loss of muscle function (weakness, loss of muscle size, etc.), or abnormal appearance (red or pale shiny skin, loss or hair, excessive hair growth, etc.). It is sometimes possible for scar tissue growth around an injury to entrap a nerve, but this is more the exception than the rule.

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Mark  A Merrick, PhD, ATC Mark A Merrick, PhD, ATC
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