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Athletic Training

How much exercise should I do after fracture?



how much exercise should i do on this hip fracture from 5 years ago any and all exercise routines would be greatly appreciated.


It's not really possible to prescribe a specific exercise program for you without a thorough history and physical examination. The American College of Sports Medicine guidelines suggest that an exercise prescription should take into account your health status, risk factors, behavioral characteristics, personal goals and exercise preferences.  Consulting your physician about these before you begin is always a good idea.

With that said, old fractures that are well healed are generally not a cause for much concern with exercise. In fact, a gradually progressing exercise program is usually a good thing because it not only strengthens the muscles that you exercise, it also strengthens the bone itself and makes it less likely that you will fracture it again.  A caution however: excessive exercise programs without adequate days off can weaken bones and result in stress fractures.

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Mark  A Merrick, PhD, ATC Mark A Merrick, PhD, ATC
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