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Exercise and Fitness




If someone does aerobic exercise, like walking, several times a week for 45-60 minutes, over a time span of many months, and then stops, how fast or how long would it be before they lose the conditioning or cardiac strength they`ve built up and are back to the point they were at before they started? I know it wouldn`t happen all at once, but would it be mostly gone after after a week, two weeks? I don`t have a clue. Thanks


First of all, everyone is different and the time it takes for one person to lose their aerobic conditioning will be totally different then the time it takes you to lose yours.  In general, the more aerobically fit you are before stopping, the longer it will take to lose that conditioning (approximately one month, maybe slightly longer).  For someone who is not aerobically fit (beginner, etc.), it will not take as long (around 2 to 3 weeks).

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