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Skin Care and Diseases




I have Rosacea, mostly affecting the nose. I recently started Tazorac to unblock deeply clogged pores. I know it can cause redness at first, but since I started the Tazorac two weeks ago, it makes the red blotchy spots worse. Is this temporary or will this likely be a permanent side effect?


It is common to have an increased inflammatory response on facial skin following the use of topical retinoids.  Tazorac is a very powerful drug and will certainly improve your rosacea in the long run.  You may wish to talk to your dermatologist about the use of other anti-inflammary agents to minimize the blotchiness of your nose.  This is likely a temporary process and usually subsides as treatment progresses.  It may, however, take several months.  Talk to your physician.  I am sure he/she is aware of all of the problems associated with Tazorac use.

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati