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Want to reverse what braces did



A few months ago I went to an orthodontist to straighten two teeth. Instead he decided to do what he wanted which was push my arches in and bring all my teeth closer together. I also had a small space on the top side which had been left from tooth that had been abstracted years ago. I did not want it touched. He filled the space in by pushing the teeth next to it close together. My face has changed dramatically and I will not even leave my house because of it. This was not what I paying him to do. Please tell me how and if this work can be reversed. I always had a full face with high cheekbones . Now it looks like I need a face lift. I have no trust to even go back to him. This has left me in such a state of depression. Please let me know what I can do. Can the arches be brought back out? Can all this be reversed. Who are the experts that are willing to take a look at this and be able to tell me what can be done. I need to see a light at the end of the tunnel.


When you say you went to an orthodontist a few months ago, it is hard for me to believe that significant facial changes would occur in that time period. It would appear that some communication was lost prior to the beginning of treatment, i.e. treatment goals and advantages and disadvantages of closing spaces. When opening space for replacement, the patient faces the additional cost of replacements.

I would encourage you to revisit the orthodontist and relate your concerns. If that is not possible, you certainly can request a second opinion from another orthodontist. If you contact the web site of the American Association of Orthodontists, there is a link for patient information as to who is a trained specialist in your area, or call the AAO @(314) 993-1700.

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Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS
Professor Emeritus - Clinical, Associate of Dentistry
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