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Infectious Diseases

White spots `areas` on my lungs



Ihave been sick for 4 weeks and was finally referred to a pulmonary doctor who ordered chest xray and cat scan. When I went back to him he said the tests showed white "areas" or spots on my lungs. He said this was NOT cancer but gave no other explanation. Sent me home for 2 weeks with new nebulizors(sp?). Went to him last Friday and have doing what I was told to do but because of feeling so badly I went to my regular doctor today and she said my lungs are still "loaded", my blood pressure was 157 over 98 and I am extremely weak. Have lost about 15 pounds in last 4 weeks. My regular doctor insists that I go into the hospital first thing tomorrow for intravenous antibiotic treatment and has scheduled several more tests including another chest xray and another cat scan. I am so worried--could these white spots on my lungs be Tuberculosis?? OR Cancer?? Please help me - I am soo worried. Thanks Kathy


This could be a pneumonia, tuberculosis or cancer. With the information you have provided it seems you should receive medical attention promptly.

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Peter T Frame, MD Peter T Frame, MD
Emeritus Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati