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Infectious Diseases

RE: epstein barr.



I am a 30 yo male who had "mono" as a teenager by a monospot. Again three months ago I had a bad sore throat and fatigue. Again I was told I had mono. Here are my tests. VCA IgM >35 VCA IgG 114 and EBNA Positive. Three months later my IgM is still the same value. I feel better but why is my IgM still so high?


VCA-IgM usually is measurable at symptom onset, peaks at 2-3 weeks, then declines and becomes unmeasurable by 3-4 months. VCA-IgG rises shortly after symptom onset, peaks at 2-3 months, then drops slightly but persists for life. Antibodies to EBNA appear during convalescence and remain present for life. Antibody pattern in recent infection (3-12 mo) includes positive VCA-IgG and EBNA antibodies, negative VCA-IgM antibodies, and usually positive EA antibodies.

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