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Child Abuse

Helping My Abused Son



My son is 8 year old. He has been abused by an older man. A doctor examine my son he told me that it has not happent more than once. I thin my son is scared to tell me who this man is, but the problem is not that. What do I have to do to help my son?


I cannot be certain what your specific question is but I will try to provide you with some guidance. If you live in a Country which has laws against child sexual abuse and you believe that your child has been abused then make certain that these concerns have been reported to the local agencies which investigate sexual abuse crimes against children. If your son is having behavioral or other problems that are or you believe may be due to sexual abuse then it would be useful for him to speak to a therapist who has training and skills in this area. If it is unclear what has happened to your son and you believe that the doctor who interviewed him did not obtain a complete history then you might consider having your son interviewed by a skilled interviewer in child sexual abuse. If I have not answered your question please write again.

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Response by:

Robert Shapiro, MD
Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati