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Skin Care and Diseases

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1. I have skin tags what causes those and how do I get rid of them? 2. I am 51 years young, but I am getting lot of weird things on my face and around my hairline. My doctor looked at the areas along my hairline and stated they were nothing to alarmed about. There are three dark brown areas at my hairline. I can use a wash cloth and srub most of it away but they just keep coming back. I don`t know if it is just a build up of something or what. It really bohters my husband.


Occasionally skin tags are seen in every age group, although they are more common in middle and later life.  An occasional skin tag has no apparent association with disease, although large numbers developing eruptively over a short period of time may suggest bowel polyposis.  If you have only an occasional one, I would see no problem. 

They have to be removed.  They do not resolve spontaneously, although occasionally they will die and cause you a great deal of discomfort.  In that case, they clearly must be removed. 

The dark spots on her hairline at your age are probably seborrheic keratoses if they come off and recur.  The only way to achieve a cure is to destroy the lesions via a number of methods....shave removal, liquid nitrogen, etc.  Your board certified dermatologist may help you in that respect.

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati