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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Sexual Anxiety



I am a 20 year old male suffering from what I believe is sexual anxiety. I have no problem functioning alone...though when I am around my girlfriend...it is very difficult to maintain arousal. I am physically fit, I eat well, I am wondering what may be my problem and what may be a sollution to this problem?


Most sexual problems have a large emotional, social and psychological component. Usually, some open discussion of fears, expectations and desires is necessary for a healthy and fulfilling sexual relationship. However, this is often difficult in today's world, where people have difficulty with such discussions.

You, and your girlfriend, would benefit from some couple's counseling as a first step to resolving these problems. Only by open communication can these issues be addressed. Your primary care physician can help guide you to some counselors, and provide you with some more information specific to your own problem after performing a thorough history and physical on you.

Good luck.

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Nancy   Elder, MD Nancy Elder, MD
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University of Cincinnati