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Skin Care and Diseases




I have been going mad over the last few days itching my skin all over - i have not changed my eating habits, washing products or detergents. I am going mad and have been taking an antihistimine which has not helped. I have however had problems with my gall bladder in the past, and itched then, could this be related


Acute onset of generalized itching without hives suggests that there are other systems that are not working well -- kidney and liver both fall into that category, and there are other diseases that may first present this way.  The fact that antihistamines do not help you underlines the necessity of your seeking immediate medical care by your internist and/or your board certified dermatologist.  When you visit them, take in all of your medications to be certain that they are not playing a part.


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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati