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Seeking Help for Chronic Sickness



HI, I`m desperate. I`ve taken shots since the 60s, I presently take meds and have been on every allergy med known to man (for 38 years) as well as all asthma meds, etc... My main complaint is that every 4-6 mos. and sometimes every month I will get sick (usually starts in my sinuses or throat) and within 2 days I feel as though someone is sitting on me. I`ve been to 20+ doctors, the ER, and don`t know where to turn. I just found your site so decided to try once more to get some direction. Obviously things aren`t working for me and when I see the doctor, sick, they say I sound clear, but I can`t work, take care of the kids, etc... during these times. I just have to lay around for 10 days till my lungs no longer feel heavy. It`s getting scary. As a kid I used Marax every eve. and feel that was the only relief I got. Please advise...I think my next step is Mayo. Thanks so much!


Although the respiratory complaints that you describe are compatible with asthma, it is difficult to provide specific diagnostic and treatment recommendations without more detailed information. Given the frequency and past difficulty controlling your symptoms, I would recommend that you seek a Pulmonary or Allergy specialist. Your physician can confirm the diagnosis, evaluate for possible exacerbating factors, review your current treatment program, and determine if changes need to be made. Since you have been evaluated by a number of physicians in the past, it may be helpful to obtain copies of your past medical records for your visit.

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