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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Bladder Control and Anxiety



Hi I suffer with obsessive thinking. One of my obsessions is what if I lose control over my bladder.Is ther a possiblity of this happening just by thinking it? I was told you will not act upon an obsession -that they are just thoughts.The reason I am persuing this is because I am currently working with a phychiatrist who is also a homeopathic spcialist and I am taking a remedy that can cause these symptoms-and last week while I had this obsession -I lost control over my bladder for the first time and I'm wondering if it was caused by my ocd or the remedy.Thank you


This question really needs to be answered by your health care professionals -- certainly body functions, such as urinating, which are under the conscious control of the mind, can be influenced by thoughts and actions.  You should follow up with your physician at this time.

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