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Skin Care and Diseases

Will molluscum scars heal?



My 9 yr old daughter was recently diagnosed with moluscum contiogosum. She has been to a cerified dermatologist that used liquid notrogen to treat her lesions. SHe has about 8 or 9 that have gone but have left scars. Willthe scars disappear? SHe has about 4 or 5 new ones right on her chin. I am unsure if I should continue with the liquid nitrogen freezing technique so as not to scar her face. Please advice


Normally molluscum contagiosa leaves very little scar.  There may be a post inflammatory ring of increased color in some individuals, and rarely loss of color in others.  I would wonder if that's not the problem with your daughter.  Freezing of the molluscum is one of the standard treatments for this entity.  It frequently provokes a pustular response, and the little growths then are shed by the body.  There are other treatments that are used by highly skilled individuals, and they include minor trauma, topical acids, topical Cantharidine (a vesiculant), and more recently many dermatologists and family physicians use the drug Imiquimod.  This provokes an inflammatory response when the viral lesions are shed.

Since you are concerned about the changes at the treatment sites, I would discuss that with your dermatologist and ask if other treatments might be used.

Deep scarring might leave small pits, but I doubt that is the case in this situation.  The pigmentation tends to become less prominent with time.  I would suggest that you wear sunscreens regardless of your skin color to minimize the color change.

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati