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Skin Care and Diseases

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Hi, this is awkward but when i finish shaving I found tiny red bumps on my legs. They are every where and not in a certain spot. They don`t go away until months after I don`t think it`s a disease. If I pick at them they bleed. Is there anything to get rid of them? Are there any products?


From your description, I would assume that the red bumps on your legs are present all the time and very likely new ones come.  You may find the same lesions on parts of your arms and torso.  These are called cherry angiomas or Demorgan spots and they are benign.  They have no major clinical significance in most cases.

However, multiple telangiectasias can be part of other syndromes, and if new ones are appearing, particularly if they are located on your mucous membranes (particularly your mouth), they may herald other disease processes.

To be certain that you have the noncomplicated form of telangiectasias, I would see a board certified dermatologist.  That individual would be able to tell you what they represent.  That encounter should include a complete cutaneous examination.

Good luck!

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati